Going Above & Beyond

A few stories of our Above & Beyond Real Estate Professionals literally going the extra mile for a Candidate:

A Candidate mentioned in his Needs Assessment, that because he would like to bike to work, it “would be great” if we had a professional who would be willing to bike, rather than drive, with him to see houses.

Jeff, our resident cyclist, met on campus, on a Sunday afternoon, on his bicycle, so that he and this Candidate could ride to each of the properties that Jeff had selected. (A bike was rented for the Candidate).

Thank you so much, Jeff, for always rising to the occasion and going above and beyond for us!

In the course of working with a wonderful young doctor, a home was found that met all of his and his family’s needs. This Customer had a friend in the lending business with whom they preferred to work. After a great deal of effort, their friend was unable to qualify them for the loan. As one can imagine, they were very disappointed. Jason, their Real Estate Professional Match, suggested they call a Mortgage Partner on Above & Beyond’s team. Jason knew he had specialized programs tailored just for doctors. They contacted this Mortgage Partner, were approved within 24 hours and went on to complete the purchase.

Jason’s comment: “It is great to be affiliated with the best in the industry.”

Thanks very much, Jason, for consistently putting the best interests of our Customers first!

Stay Tuned For More Stories…

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