Going Above & Beyond

A few stories of our Above & Beyond Real Estate Professionals literally going the extra mile for a Candidate:

I relocated to Tucson in the middle of winter, a great time to be in Tucson, but a difficult time to move here. My employer referred me to a realtor, but that only covered one aspect of the problem. I needed temporary lodging, and some perspective on what it would take to get settled here. After floundering around for two months or so with AirBnB temporary lodging, I met with my employer’s recruiting staff to let them know that relocation was not going very smoothly. They had heard of Above and Beyond, and decided to call them and use their service. I was contacted by Kim, and she immediately helped me to find temporary housing, providing several options. She always followed up quickly to make sure that I was being taken of, and was very caring and proactive on my behalf. She also suggested some realtors to work with, and I decided to work with Michele*. Both Michele and Kim were a pleasure to work with, and I eventually found a house that would fit my requirements and budget in what was and still is a very competitive housing market. I highly recommend Above and Beyond. I only wish I had started with them as soon as I got here.

*ABRS is known for our trademark thought-out match of our Customer with a Real Estate Professional from our team. While this still took place, based on our discussion with the Customer, he was presented with a couple of possible matches.

Thank you, Kim and Michele for going above and beyond to take care of each and every customer.

A Candidate mentioned in his Needs Assessment, that because he would like to bike to work, it “would be great” if we had a professional who would be willing to bike, rather than drive, with him to see houses. Jeff, our resident cyclist, met on campus, on a Sunday afternoon, on his bicycle, so that he and this Candidate could ride to each of the properties that Jeff had selected. (A bike was rented for the Candidate).

Thank you so much, Jeff, for always rising to the occasion and going above and beyond for us!

In the course of working with a wonderful young doctor, a home was found that met all of his and his family’s needs. This Customer had a friend in the lending business with whom they preferred to work. After a great deal of effort, their friend was unable to qualify them for the loan. As one can imagine, they were very disappointed. Jason, their Real Estate Professional Match, suggested they call a Mortgage Partner on Above & Beyond’s team. Jason knew he had specialized programs tailored just for doctors. They contacted this Mortgage Partner, were approved within 24 hours and went on to complete the purchase.

Jason’s comment: “It is great to be affiliated with the best in the industry.”

Thanks very much, Jason, for consistently putting the best interests of our Customers first!

A Customer has graciously recognized a Real Estate Professional from ABOVE & BEYOND’S Team:

I am a Physicians Assistant New Hire with Banner MD Anderson in Gilbert, Ariz.  Banner gave me Relocation Counselor Kim’s name and she put me in contact with realtor Teri.  I wanted to send a quick note emphasizing how incredible Teri has been for my husband and me.  We moved from Colorado with very little knowledge of Gilbert or the surrounding areas.  Teri was super responsive and kind answering many questions before we even met.  During my interview visit to Gilbert, Teri put together a very organized, productive day of house showings.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her.  Post visit, Teri and I were in close contact.  The portal she set up for us was great, and she continued to be extremely helpful and responsive to calls, emails, etc.  As time approached, the focus changed from purchasing a home to renting for a year.  Again, Teri was on top of all the changes.

Thank you, Teri, for overcoming any challenge and for going above and beyond with each and every Customer.

Another Customer shared their outstanding experience with one of the Real Estate professionals from ABOVE & BEYOND’S Team:

I have worked with many realtors over the years and Kim is most definitely one of my favorites. My wife and I were relocating to Phoenix and Kim was a foundation of knowledge, not only with regard to the local real estate market but also other matters that are important when moving cities. She worked hard to understand the type of property we were looking for and was tireless in her pursuit of finding that property – which she did! Kim was happy to work around our schedules and was very responsive to texts and emails. During the negotiating and closing process she was a complete professional, working hard to serve our interests and ensure we were 100% satisfied with the outcome. Her great attitude, expertise and friendly demeanor truly made her a pleasure to work with.

Thank you, Kim, for standing out and making the transition for the customer a positive experience!

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