Introducing Candidates / New Hires / Transfers

To gain Above & Beyond’s recruitment assistance for your Candidates interviewing in person or virtually OR for New Hires/Transfers simply:

  • Cut & paste the below into an email to your candidate and copy in the message so that Kathie O’Hanian or Kim Swierczewski may respond.
  • Write the Candidate’s/New Hire’s full name in the subject line.
  • Insert required/known info into the below places (including your closing) where you see [BRACKETS].
  • Delete what you don’t need.
  • Send.
  • Watch your inbox for emailed updates from us.

Following the Intro is a Peace of Mind for Candidates Overview that we recommend you include when introducing Above & Beyond.


FOR CANDIDATE: We are excited about your upcoming interviews and your interest in the opportunity with [YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME] at [NAME OF FACILITY] in [Phoenix OR Tucson]! IF IN PERSON, INCLUDE; OTHERWISE DELETE THIS: Your visit is being planned for [DATES HERE].


FOR NEW HIRE / TRANSFER: We are excited that you will join [YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME] at [NAME OF FACILITY] in [Phoenix OR Tucson]! Your start date is [DATE HERE]. You may have time available on [DATE AND TIME] for a real estate community tour.

Our partnership with Above & Beyond Relocation Services helps you learn about our remarkable city — providing prompt, professional service with a personal touch. While it is realized that some Candidates visit and others do not, there is so much that can be done to acquaint you with Arizona!

Above & Beyond assists from the early candidacy stage through a possible relocation. There is no fee for their services, as they are funded by home sales. This service is offered to all candidates to learn about the area during the decision-making process (and after) and is not indicative of an employment offer.

As your one point of contact, what Above & Beyond is happy to do for you and your family at any time:

  • Coordinate what you need, when you need it.
  • Thoughtfully match you with an experienced real estate professional from the Above & Beyond team for an education of our housing market, a real estate area tour, and to just be here to guide you. Everyone’s good health and safety are top of mind. Again, there is so much that can be shared virtually — and Above & Beyond is prepared and happy to do so.
  • Provide you with area information of all kinds, including rental and school resources. What would you like to know?

More about their Package of Services is on their website.

Laurie Becker Anderson, Kathie O’Hanian or Kim Swierczewski will receive your introduction at and introduce herself and request that one of their Relocation Counselors reaches out to you.

[OPTIONAL] Additional Peace of Mind Alert: Suddath/Atlas Van Lines is Above & Beyond’s Mover Partner. Please reach out to Rhonda Chaney, Regional Director for Business Development, if you have questions or would like to get the process going for your upcoming move. Her contact information is 520-975-3056 and She’ll look forward to being of service.

Thank you.



Peace of Mind for Our Candidates is an overview to illustrate some of what Above & Beyond can offer. It’s recommended that this be provided to your Candidates (and New Hires), when making the introduction to us. You may download and attach the PDF.

Download PDF

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