Frequently Asked Questions

What does your partnership with an organization (Client) mean?

To partner with each of our Clients is an honor and confirmation that we consistently work to do our best on behalf of that organization. Above & Beyond is a recruiting tool. “Selling” candidates and their families on why we choose to live, work and play in Arizona is how we support personnel recruitments. Everyone appreciates a candidate who makes an educated decision—and we work to facilitate that.

Is there a fee for your services?

There is no fee to the Client (referring organization) or the Customer (job Candidate/New Hire/Transferee) for our domestic services. We are paid for the work we do only when the Customer purchases a home with our assistance.

Do you only assist universities and colleges?

Above & Beyond also has the good fortune to provide our destination services to a variety of organizations in the private sector in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Are you able to assist the families of our job candidates also?

Absolutely! It is important to realize an entire family may contribute to the offer accept/decline decision. Our Relocation Counselors conduct needs assessments to learn the information most helpful to each family member.

Where do you get your information for a family?

That’s easy. We have researched on behalf of folks for years and continuously add to the wealth of information as well as keep it as current as possible.

Will you help identify a real estate agent for a home purchase?

Yes, before the Candidate’s first interview trip, we will conduct the needs assessment and match with a Real Estate Professional from our team. Reaching one’s comfort level is our goal. Although rare, should the Customer wish to be re-matched with another real estate agent team member, we are able to comply.

How do you select the real estate agents on your team?

  • Thoughtfully and carefully. Folks want the Real Estate Professional representing their best interests to meet these criteria:
    Recommended by someone we know and trust
  • Numerous years full-time residential experience in AZ
  • Consistently productive
  • Familiar with all areas and price ranges
  • Patient listeners and swift responders
  • Love to “sell” AZ – Realize not always offer/accept
  • Team Player

Can your services still be used if the Candidate/New Employee is already working with a real estate agent?

Unfortunately, no. Home sales keep us in business. Stepping on an outside agent’s toes is not a consideration. Oftentimes the individual will realize the potential employer offers our full package of services that surround the home purchase piece and so may decide to take advantage of this benefit.

Is the referring party/hiring personnel kept apprised of the services you provide to their candidates?

Yes! Stay informed with emailed updates as our Relocation Counselors and team assist with the recruitment and relocation of your Candidates.

Can Above & Beyond introduce my candidates/new hires to other professionals to help in the process?

Of course. We have long-time partners who specialize in mortgage advising, the escrow process, accounting, career assistance (for a spouse/partner), moving, remodeling, pet relocations, and on and on.

Do you have services for those who require even more face-to-face assistance—such as those arriving to Arizona from outside the United States?

With years of international relocation experience, Above & Beyond Relocation Services (ABRS) assists employees and family members who are moving from outside the U.S. to Arizona. We provide fee-based, customized services matched to the unique needs of each individual to make their international relocation as smooth as possible. The employee will arrive ready to be productive in the workplace.

Can existing employees use your services to buy or sell a home?

Yes, and what a terrific, no-cost employee benefit! We are happy to listen to learn the needs and make a match from our team of Real Estate Pros. Whether the move is across the street or across the country, your new employer and we want the best experience possible for you.

What if someone wants to rent first?

Assisting those who wish to rent first is viewed as an investment. The renter will remain with ABRS when ready to purchase a home.
We will:

  • Introduce ourselves and email our Customer Needs Assessment to be completed and returned.
  • Share rental resources — including our Rental Resources Directory and Helpful Hints for Renters.
  • Match with a Real Estate Professional from our team to assist in the rental search and remain here when one is ready to purchase a home.
  • Encourage the Renter to be proactive in the search.

How do I get on your Quarterly Newsletter of Fun and Interesting Events readership email list for Phoenix and Tucson?

That’s easy. Just email us and our newsletter will find you each quarter.

What if I have a question that you didn’t answer on this list?

Please contact Kim Swierczewski at or at 877-921-0007 ext. 804 for more information.

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