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Our team professionally and thoughtfully helps others!



Our Real Estate Professionals (Phoenix and Tucson) and Mortgage Partners (Phoenix and Tucson) are part of the ABRS team because of the high standards they maintain and their commitment to those relocating.

No surprises when some of these Partners were asked to complete this statement “Relationships are the core of my business model because…”


Our Real Estate Professionals shared:


  • “Taking care of the clients’ needs are what we are all about. Sometimes that’s helping to buy, sell, or rent, and sometimes it’s about being a trusted advisor for market knowledge, remodeling, investing, referring. And more! There is so much more to what we do than help someone find or sell a home. And the relationships are what makes our roles so rewarding.”
  • “Our human nature is to be nurtured. Developing a relationship with someone builds trust, a history of togetherness and offers you someone you can depend on.”
  • “I believe when you have strong relationships it builds trust that allows me to serve my clients at a higher level, to have a personal and less transactional experience… over and over again.”
  • “It’s all about the client. The client experience is what’s most important to me and every client is treated like family.”
  • “Relationships are the core of my business model because without relationships, there is no business. I cultivate my relationships with communication. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, I strive to communicate diligently throughout the life of a transaction and beyond.”


Our Mortgage Professionals shared:


  • “Without relationships, you don’t have anything. I equate relationships to a circle of trust. Who do we trust most? Usually it is our doctors. If you can develop a relationship with an individual like a doctor has with their patient, then you have all the trust in the world. Relationships are the core of my business, it is about communication, trust, knowledge of your industry. Relationships are the most important thing that we have.”
  •  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care...  In a world that is becoming increasingly more about technological efficiency, taking time to build and nurture a relationship shows that you truly care about your customers. I’ve had customers over this past year that didn’t need my services for 5+  years. However, because I took the time and had the patience to know and understand what they were looking for, they never forgot about me and came back as a repeat customer. Yes, we need to be honest, true to our word, competitive, etc. but the true professional knows and understands that relationships are the difference maker in most transactions. Relationships are the core of my business model and why almost 80% of my business is a referral from a previous client.”

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