Considering New Home Construction?

We all agree that a homebuyer needs representation in a home purchase/sale. Be represented by a real estate professional when purchasing new construction also. You pay nothing more, but you have more benefits.

Why do you need a real estate professional for new construction? Many reasons…

  • The site agent represents the builder, not you
  • To negotiate a lower sale price
  • How to choose the perfect lot — which way a home faces matters in Arizona
  • Earnest money may be non-refundable
  • The difference between dirt lots vs. spec homes
  • Builders have their own contracts
  • Identify what’s negotiable and what’s not
  • How lot premiums work and how to find the one best for you
  • Discounts/Credits not mentioned by the Builder
  • Why a home inspection is necessary
  • Determining the best places to spend and save in the design center
  • Added value — upgrades, appliances, pools, etc.
  • Shares photos/FaceTimes with you during construction

As a homebuyer, you need representation. We are happy to introduce you to one of ABRS Real Estate Professionals who happens to be the best in their field. Tell the Builder’s Site Agent (who works solely for the Builder) the name of your ABRS Real Estate Professional. Better yet — make sure your agent is with you each visit.

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